Monastic Scriptoria, Seite 28

Sankt Gallen

This essay tells the process of which books were copied by monks in monasteries in the 11th century. It focuses on a period of time when the Empress Gisela travels to Saint Gallen with intent on purchasing books by a monk named Notker. The process of a book being copied by a monk was described as perhaps a method of worship and was the only intent for a monk to copy a book. Monks were often beaten during their training for copying books leading to faster and more efficient copying. Because of the amount of time and effort it took to make copies, books were rare and expensive. I think maybe because books were held in such high regard traditions began to form such as inheriting book that have been passed through family members from previous generations.

From this link, I was able to learn a bit more about the city of Saint Gallen. It was founded by an Irish monk in a secluded area and now has one of the largest medieval libraries in the world.

In dieser Website gibt es Hintergrundinformationen über “Parzival”. Parzival ist eins der ältesten Bücher im Sankt Gallen Kloster. Es war zwischen 1200 und 1210 geschrieben. Hier können Sie den gesamten Text in seiner ursprünglichen Form lesen.


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